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Watermelon. A Summertime Treat.

watermelon, IfW, foodFrankly until this year, I was never much of a watermelon fan.  I much preferred cantaloupe if I were going to eat melon.  Well!  That has all changed.  I’ve eaten more watermelon in the past few weeks than I have eaten in my entire life.  And not only is it the most tasty, juicy, perfect summer time treat, it’s an excellent source of nutrition too!  (You knew I had to say that, right?  😉  )

Below I have a few pictures of ways I’ve been playing around with watermelon – making good food fun.  It might be something you want to try especially if you have young kids or if you are preparing food for guests.

It’s Summer time so Bring on the Watermelon please!!

There are so many fun ways to serve it up!

Frozen & on a Stick. ?

Frozen & on a stick



In fun shapes…..

fun food for kids, watermelon star, IfW

fun food for kids, watermelon stars, IfW


Or make a Funny Face!

fun food for kids, wild watermelon man, IfW


Best Part?  It’s not all tasty fun & games.  It’s GOOD for YOU too!

Just a few fun facts.

Watermelon, facts, mem


You can’t beat that combination.  🙂  So grab some water melon.  Simply slice and eat or play around with it a little.  You’ll be doing your body good.  🙂  ❤️????❤️

For more fun ways to serve up watermelon and other healthy foods (especially to kids), check out this album on the Inspirations for Wellness FaceBook page.  ?

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