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Growing Celery from Kitchen Scraps??

Why yes!  Yes you can!!

gardening, celery, green onion, gardening, scraps, aeroponic

I first saw something about growing from kitchen scraps on Pinterest. I decided I had nothing to lose in trying it out.

So as I neared the end of a package of celery purchased at my local grocery store, I trimmed the base a bit and put it into a small vase. I watched as new leaves started to sprout out and grow. Based upon what I was seeing in the vase, it seemed to be working. How cool is this?!

The celery is the short one to the left in the picture (taken May 3rd). On the right is green onion – also part of the experiment. I’ll tell you about that a bit at the end. For now it’s all about the celery. 😉



aeroponic, gardening, celery, kitchen scraps

Eventually I transferred Mr. celery to my aeroponic Tower Garden (it sounds like some sort of space age contraption doesn’t it?)  I did not act as a true scientist with this experiment because I didn’t jot down dates and exact times.  So sorry! I’m busy with about 500 other things.  :-/  I can tell you that this picture was taken on May 29th.  Mr. celery is thriving in his new home.  And remember, this is growing from the part of the celery stalk that you normally just toss in the trash can or the compost pile!


aeroponic, gardening, celery, kitchen scrapsDrum roll please!!  Here is the same celery on June 3rd!  (5 days later!)  I knew it had grown but didn’t realize how much until I started comparing pictures.  I’m so thrilled, I just had to share with you.  I can’t say if this would work in soil.  I’ve only experimented growing aeroponically so far.  If others have had any experience with this and would like to share that would be great.

And as for the green onion.  I never moved it beyond the vase.  It did ok.  More greens will grow so you can harvest and have more grow.  The leaves became pale over time versus a vibrant green.  The base (onion bulb) seemed to dislike being in the water which you have to keep at a low level.  I think it might have fared better had I transferred it to the Tower Garden also.  I may try that another time.  Personally though, I was more motivated to grow the celery than to grow the green onion.  😉

All in all a nice success.  No need to buy seeds to get my celery plant started.  I’m happy!  🙂

Update:  Since originally posting this article, I have used this method successfully with Bok Choy as well.  I have seen this done with Romaine also.  If there are other plants you have grown using kitchen scraps, please share in the comments below.  I think it’s the coolest thing.  Here’s to #growingyourownfood.  🙂

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