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Fizzy Fruity Pink Soda


Skip the store bought.  Make your own.  So much healthier.  ❤️

fruity fizzy soda DIYWhen the weather gets warmer, this is a drink we tend to crave.  There’s something about a carbonated beverage when it’s really hot out that seems to quench your thirst.

I first learned how to make it when I was going through training to become a LEAN coach (a program by Dr. William Sears).  It’s simple – frozen juice concentrate and seltzer water, a.k.a. “fizzy water” in our house.  Dr. Sears calls it “Celebration Soda”.  We call it “Pink Soda”.  The juice concentrate we started out using made a drink that was pink.  We had to switch to a different concentrate so now our “Pink Soda” is technically red.  Those aren’t the details you really need though. 😉

Here’s how I make it:

Pink Soda

  • Grab a glass. Directions for about 8 – 10 oz.
  • Add a Spoonful of juice concentrate (frozen or liquid – flavor is up to you :)). Start with a teaspoon or two and adjust from there.
  • Add Seltzer water.  I like to add a small amount, mix to dissolve the juice concentrate then fill the glass.
  • If you need more flavor, add a little more juice concentrate.
  • If you need more sweetness, try a few drops of stevia or a small amount of agave.
  • Add ice cubes and enjoy!!

Simple as that.  And no yucky extra ingredients that you find in typical sodas.


fruity fizzy soda DIYI have a friend who makes an even healthier lime soda using seltzer, fresh lime juice and stevia.  🙂  If you come up with a variation you love, please share. 

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