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Eating Healthy when you are Crazy Busy

I wanted to share some tips with you for when you are really busy but still want to eat healthy.  At some point you realize that you really want (and need) to eat healthy when your super busy because it makes you feel GREAT!  Have you gotten to this realization yet? You actually accomplish more… Read More

7 tips for Clean Eating on a Budget

7 Tips for eating well AND staying on budget Sometimes the biggest hurdle people have to clean eating isn’t the food. Fresh, homemade, organic food is delicious! It isn’t giving up those ‘unclean’ foods. There may be that one food you just can’t let go of, but that isn’t the issue either. The issue is… Read More

Beautiful Skin – It’s an Inside Job…

Who doesn’t want beautiful, smooth, glowing skin?  Oh the  time and money that goes into making it beautiful from the outside with lotions, potions, elixirs and make-up?!  I know I used to do that and then some.  And guess what I have found?  The more I pay attention to my diet, the better my skin looks.… Read More

Healthy Snack Ideas

Are you prepared when cravings hit? Cravings happen even to the healthiest of us. Often, when a craving hits in the afternoon or the evening after dinner, we get the urge to snack. Snacking can be a bad habit to get into, because the snacks we choose are often junky, un-nutritious, and high in calories,… Read More

5 Surprising Beauty Foods

All fresh fruits and vegetables contain “magical” powers when it comes to shiny hair, clear skin, and strong nails. However, the ones I’ve chosen below are perhaps not as well known for their powerful beauty benefits. Have these in mind to include in your meals – assuming you want to be the most radiant version… Read More

No Guilt Ice Cream – Chocolate Cherry

  Have you tried making ice cream using frozen bananas yet?  As long as you keep a few frozen bananas in your freezer, you can have ice cream in a few minutes.  Great for a sudden ice cream craving.  😉 You’ll need a blender for this.  A Vitamix is perfect but other blenders will do… Read More

Raw Ranch Dressing

Total yumminess…. and good for you.  🙂 You know how Ranch dressing can also be used as a dip?  Well, this raw, significantly healthier version, makes up pretty thick which is great for dipping veggies (and oven baked fries – #yum).  If you like salad dressing thick.  You’re good.  If you prefer it thinner, simply… Read More

Watermelon. A Summertime Treat.

Frankly until this year, I was never much of a watermelon fan.  I much preferred cantaloupe if I were going to eat melon.  Well!  That has all changed.  I’ve eaten more watermelon in the past few weeks than I have eaten in my entire life.  And not only is it the most tasty, juicy, perfect… Read More

Corn, Tomato, Avocado Salad

Great salad.  You know.  They don’t all have to have a lettuce base.  I found the original recipe on Pinterest. (Link at end of post.)  However, I changed it up a bit.  I wanted to make a single serving and I also needed to modify based upon the ingredients I had on hand.  I do… Read More

Rice & Beans So Many Ways… A Classic Accessorized

This is another of my favorite meals.  I’ve loved rice and beans for awhile.  I think it began after a trip to Puerto Rico.  Habichuelas rosadas con arroz (Pink beans with rice) was what got me hooked.  There are tons of varieties of rice & bean dishes using different types of beans, seasonings, etc.  Rice… Read More